Vegan Keto Journey Week 5 Catherine -Weight loss Again

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Start date 11th September
Week 5
Start Weight 79  Kilos
Weight Loss 3 kilos

The Wins From The Last Week

Weight loss again which is good. Amazing in fact since I ate so much fat this week. Other people are noticing my weight loss now going into week five I have lost 8 kilos. Interestingly enough more than one friend/ relative has said you look great, but you don’t want to lose too much or you will make me look fat.

weight loss again

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 5

I will have two challenges this week the first is to reduce fat. That should be relatively easy. The second challenge is I go away on Thursday and am staying in an air b and b and there is no kitchen so it’s going to be nuts and seeds and raw veg, I think.

Actually the time away was fantastic. I ate raw and vegan all the time. I feel great full of energy. Also, the raw diet is a preparation for the dehydrator which is due next week

Still struggling with constipation but let’s see what happens this week.

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week 5.

That I will still remain in ketosis.Taking olives, seeds, and nuts with me.

The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week 5

Hopefully, I will remain in ketosis, on the other hand not at all sure what time I will have to check the micronutrients?

My New Best Friend This Week

Wonderful. I found pancakes with nut butter this week, fulfilling and satisfying. I made them with a walnut meal instead of flour and they were gorgeous.

Week 3 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 6.3g 209%
Tuesday 29.5g 262%
Wednesday18 18.7g 187%
Thursday 10.6g 176%
Friday 13.4g 262%
Saturday 16.3g 238%
Sunday 9.3g 124%
Total 104.1g Total 1458%
Average 15 Average 208%


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