Vegan Low Carb Falafels

Lupini Falafels

Lupini beans make fabulous vegan low carb falafels! Here in the UK, pre-prepared Lupini beans are almost impossible to buy so you have to prepare your own using dried beans. This can take anything from 8 to 14 days (I know I know, but it’s worth it!)

I followed this guide here, there is NO mistaking the bitter taste when they’re not ready to use! If you’re in the US then pre-packed lupini beans are readily available (lucky you!).

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Low Carb Vegan Pancakes

low carb vegan pancakes

These low carb vegan pancakes are my favorite breakfast. If you miss bread and toast, this is a great alternative at only 0.7 per serve!

You can play around with the recipe, just adjust the water content to suit.

Sometimes I’ll add Indian spices and have with a vegan keto curry.

Another nice variation is grinding up some pecans into a fine flour and adding a tablespoon. Add nutmeg, cinnamon and a bit of sweetener of your choice if you need it. I find the pecan flour makes them sweet enough.

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Keto Vegan Bread Rolls

Keto Vegan Bread Rolls I think bread and pancakes are probably the thing I miss the most so I set out on a mission to make sure I could produce decent Keto Vegan Bread Rolls.

These rolls are pretty simple to make, no extensive kneading needed.

Thanks to Renee over at herbivorepost for this fab recipe!

Eat them how you like!

You can eat them at any meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I wouldn’t eat them as a snack, being 4 carbs a serving. T

To be honest, eating these Keto bread rolls as main meal fills you up so no snacks needed!


They are great with seed burgers and some side salad.

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Hemp Tofu

If you’re looking for an alternative to soy tofu then look no further, you can make hemp tofu, very easily!

A few simple steps and you have enough tofu to last a few meals. You can scramble it for breakfast or have it a stir-fry for dinner. Roast it in the oven with a nut oil and favorite seasoning.

In fact, most ways you use soy tofu can be done with hemp tofu. 

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Keto Vegan Burgers

Keto Vegan BurgersSo you made your bread rolls and fancy a burger/rissole type food to put in it. These Keto vegan burgers are perfect for the job!

Very simple to make and packed full of goodness, PLUS a low carb burger, what’s not to like.

Use for packed lunches!

One of the problems I get asked frequently is what can I have for a packed lunch. These are great because they are just as tasty cold. You can make a big batch and freeze. either raw or cooked, either way works.

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