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Vegan Keto before and after
Before and After


I live in rural Scotland and am Mum to 4 grown up children and Granny to 4. I’ve been vegetarian/vegan since my early 20s fluctuating between the 2 (totally vegan now)

With 40 Yrs of experience behind me, I know how to cook vegan foods and have been a professional cook in a vegetarian cafe.

Despite my healthy plant-based diet I’ve had health issues (you can read about them in my journal) and knew that something was wrong.

Enter Ketogenics….

There is a lot to learn but, the cooking part is easy for me, my happiest times are spent in the kitchen.

Things like making a vegan burger without beans, or sweets without sugar, biscuits without high carb flours. All these things are possible, honestly!


My mission is to help others who want to transition to a vegan keto diet to do so with ease while still making sure all nutrient needs are being met. 

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