Hot Air Fryers

Hot Air Fryers

Now I know it doesn’t appear as if hot air fryers go with a high-fat diet, but yes, they do!

I recently purchased the Tefal Actifry Fryer and have to say I LOVE it, so much so, I rarely use my oven these days. I purchased the 2-1 kind because I liked the idea of having the 2 levels to cook complete meals easily. The UK and US models vary slightly in looks, but not in function so this  Actifry review applies to both.

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Low Carb Protein Bars

low carb protein bars

Low carb protein bars can be a useful addition to any keto diet, especially if you travel or need lunches for work. It can be challenging on a vegan keto diet, but, this is where Pegan protein bars come in!

With all the debate going on about vegans and protein, these bars go some way to bridging that gap. (Check out this article for guidelines).

This is the manufacturer’s description:

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