Vegan Keto Journey Week 7 Catherine

Vegan keto Journey.

Start date 25th September
Week 7
Start Weight 78  Kilos
Weight Loss NIL


The Wins From The Last Week Vegan Keto Journey Week 6.

The first thing to be grateful for is the fact I didn’t put on weight. Granted I didn’t lose any either, but considering the wedding anniversary blowout, all things considered, I am very lucky. The really weird thing is although I haven’t lost weight, my shape has changed.

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 7

I am still trying to get my fat content down. It seems high. Another challenge this week is that I am off again for four days to Glastonbury. However, Glastonbury is the type of place where you can expect loads of vegan food.

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week 7.

I hope to not fall off the wagon this week either the vegan wagon or the low carbohydrate. I started the week less starving than last week. In fact quite full, this diet seems to have two stages very full for the majority of the time and occasionally hungry. At least it’s not the other way around.

The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week 7

I hope to be able to stay low carb.and won’t be tempted. We have to have lunch out and everyone else will be having cakes and my guess is Glastonbury will have fabulous cake and pastry shops.

My New Best Friend This Week

Vegan restaurants in Glastonbury. Great choices of restaurants. Mostly vegetarian which meant that they could offer vegan food. The Ashram I was staying had great breakfasts. Seeds and nuts fruits and yogurts. Okay, we couldn’t have yogurt but I did have 1 tablespoon of fruit salad every morning. Normally I can’t have fruit because it’s so high in carbs but they had huge bowlfuls.

Week 6 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 11.4g 172%
Tuesday 8.7g 75%
Wednesday 11.9g 303%
Thursday 14.9g 250%
Friday 7.7g 68%
Saturday 11.5g 207%
Sunday 11.5g 50%
Total 77.6g Total 1125%
Average 11g Average 160%

Vegan Keto Journey Week 6 Catherine

Vegan keto Journey.

Start date 18th September
Week 6
Start Weight 78  Kilos
Weight Loss 1 kilo

The Wins From The Last Week

I can’t believe I am six weeks into my vegan ketone journey. There is a weight loss again which is good, even though it’s only a kilo. As a matter of fact, I was a bit worried how things would go last week away from home. During the last few weeks I have felt a bit flat, but feel full of energy again I am putting it down to the increase in nuts and seeds. Also, I think these things stopped the constipation too.

vegan keto journey

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 6

The biggest challenge this week is going to be my wedding anniversary on the 19th. In fact, when it came to it I drank a bottle of wine. I wouldn’t have done that had I known how many carbs and a bottle of red wine! I am going to chalk it up to experience I enjoyed it and I’m not planning on drinking again anytime soon.However, it does mean I am going to be spending the rest of the week on catch up!

I am sure many of you have been where I was! The drinking made me starving and I ate and ate. In fact ate so much I’m not even sure what I ate. However, I am very sure that what ate was low-carb so I’m going to estimate my Carbs for the day.I’m going to put 40 it could be higher it could be lower. I guess we will find out next week when I look at the weight loss.It’s all part of my vegan keto journey.Strangely enough, I never thought of the fat bombs in the fridge.

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week 6.

I hope to be able to catch up and reduce my carbs later in the week, as a result of my drinking spree.However, if I don’t, nobody died.

I finally got my dehydrator from the USA. However, in my rush to buy it, I forgot to take into account the different voltage. So I can’t use it until I get a transformer.

The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week 6

I may not catch up to reduce my carbs and if I don’t then I won’t lose weight. I can’t check whether I am still in the ketogenic state, But if not it won’t take long to get back into it.

My New Best Friend This Week

My dehydrator. I am so happy. I can make crackers which is a wonderful comfort food especially as winter is coming on. Snacking on nuts and seeds has been good this week but not too many. Brazil nuts particularly have been a godsend as have walnuts.I enjoy nuts and seeds but the problem is They can slide down too easily.In fact, my vegan keto journey is only getting more exciting.


Week 6 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 19.1g 283%
Tuesday 40.4g 306%
Wednesday 12.3g 102%
Thursday 11.7g 250%
Friday 16.9g 122%
Saturday 11.5g 207%
Sunday 14.2g 143%
Total 126.1g Total 1413%
Average 18g Average 201%

Vegan Keto Journey Week 5 Catherine -Weight loss Again

Start date 11th September
Week 5
Start Weight 79  Kilos
Weight Loss 3 kilos

The Wins From The Last Week

Weight loss again which is good. Amazing in fact since I ate so much fat this week. Other people are noticing my weight loss now going into week five I have lost 8 kilos. Interestingly enough more than one friend/ relative has said you look great, but you don’t want to lose too much or you will make me look fat.

weight loss again

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 5

I will have two challenges this week the first is to reduce fat. That should be relatively easy. The second challenge is I go away on Thursday and am staying in an air b and b and there is no kitchen so it’s going to be nuts and seeds and raw veg, I think.

Actually the time away was fantastic. I ate raw and vegan all the time. I feel great full of energy. Also, the raw diet is a preparation for the dehydrator which is due next week

Still struggling with constipation but let’s see what happens this week.

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week 5.

That I will still remain in ketosis.Taking olives, seeds, and nuts with me.

The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week 5

Hopefully, I will remain in ketosis, on the other hand not at all sure what time I will have to check the micronutrients?

My New Best Friend This Week

Wonderful. I found pancakes with nut butter this week, fulfilling and satisfying. I made them with a walnut meal instead of flour and they were gorgeous.

Week 3 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 6.3g 209%
Tuesday 29.5g 262%
Wednesday18 18.7g 187%
Thursday 10.6g 176%
Friday 13.4g 262%
Saturday 16.3g 238%
Sunday 9.3g 124%
Total 104.1g Total 1458%
Average 15 Average 208%


Vegan Keto Catherine Week 4

weight loss

Start date 4th September
Week 4
Start Weight 82  Kilos
Weight Loss 2 kilos

The Wins From The Last Week

Weight loss again which is good. Funnily enough perhaps not a great weight loss but it looks as though the inches have gone exponentially. My new size 16 trousers I bought last week are very baggy. Don’t want to buy a lot of clothes. I want to wait until I feel fitter. I don’t feel as well as well as I should as I still have a lot of pain in my back.

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 3

The biggest challenge this week hasn’t  been any different from last week its constipation. After having no bowel movement for a week I had to have movicol. A mixture of sodium, magnesium and other minerals.It does seem weird thing laxatives when you are vegan.

I am guessing that it is because I am eating so much fewer vegetables. My body will adapt. Another contributory factor is I am not eating enough in terms of volume. Cut fat again, too high this week.

Hunger bit this week for the first time. Not sure why, maybe because we had a few really cold days, and I went out in driving rain a couple of times and got soaked to the skin.

weight loss

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week Three.

I had hoped to increase my fat content this week. Unfortunately, it has gone through the roof, it has been more than double.So another chance next week. I recognize that I am totally changing my way of eating and it is a massive learning curve. Maybe it will help if I averaged it out over a week.

I am hoping that I will be able to eat better next week, but maybe not because I am away for five days next week at a seminar. I am not looking forward to going. In the sense that I can’t cook whilst I am’s going to be difficult to eat out. So it will be mostly raw, which may be a good thing because when I get back I will have my dehydrator so I will be eating more raw.


The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week Three

I don’t feel overall tired. I struggle to get to the top of three storey’s though in one. My back has still been very painful this week. so it has been difficult to know what is really going on . Not sure I am getting enough micronutrients either. I know it’s something Kathy is very keen on. I am considering paying for the pro cronometer as well so I can work out what to eat.

Week 3 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 9.4g 71.3%
Tuesday 7.3g 138%
Wednesday 25.1g 243%
Thursday 10.6g 308%
Friday 8.4g 82%
Saturday 31.2g 212%
Sunday 12.9g 218%
Total 104.9g Total 1303%
Average 15 Average 186%


Vegan Keto Journey Catherine Week 3


Start date 28th August

Week 3

Start Weight 81 Kilos

Weight loss

The Wins From The Last Week

The week started well because I am assuming by now I am in ketosis. Unlike Kathy I didn’t start with any testing strips, so I have no way of knowing, but the fact I have lost a stone would indicate I am. As with any weight loss regime, the initial high losses are mainly water.

The new size 16 trousers I bought last week are definitely baggy. The real reason I am doing this is to be fit, not a certain size.

Do I feel any different? – yes, I am bursting with energy. I embarked on a cleaning spree, The likes of which has never been seen. At least, from me. I have the Quentin Crisp approach to house work. Once the dust gets to 3 inches thick, it ain’t gonna get any thicker.

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 3

The biggest challenge this week has been constipation. I always used to eat a lot of fruit and veg, but it’s only when I’m weighing out now say 100g of broccoli, that I realize I used to eat a whole head.Not only is that about five times as much veg as I should be eating, but when I at that amount it was say one of six vegetables. All were served at the same amount.

So my biggest challenge during the last three weeks has been the reduction of vegetables. Vegetables and pulses and legumes with the basis of my diet prior to beginning a vegan keto diet. So this week I have devised a selection of smoothies. That is green smoothies which come in just under 10 g. That’s heavy for breakfast I am aware of that, but I need to have that silky taste of cucumber, spinach, and pepper.

I realize that will be everybody’s challenge but for me, it has been difficult.Certainly, there has been no bowel movement this week I think since Monday so today I’m going to have to resort to a laxative. That really irritates me on a vegan diet but hey let’s get used to it first.

The hopes of Vegan Keto Week Three.

I hope to increase my fat content this week. And getting nearer the 80% mark a day. If I don’t get it to that level then I’m going to have to add fat bombs I haven’t as yet resorted to.


The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week Three

I don’t feel is bursting with energy this week. In fact, my legs feel quite worn out. Not been deterred though, It’s been a stressful time for me. I am prepared to let the dust settle.

Week 3 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 10.2g 86%
Tuesday 9g 137%
Wednesday 3.5g 67%
Thursday 4.6g 76%
Friday 29g 67%
Saturday 23.1g 86%
Sunday 8.6g 109%
Total 88g Total 485%
Average 12.57 Average 69.28%


Vegan Keto Beginning Catherine Week 1

vegan keto beginnings

Start date for my vegan keto beginning -14th August Monday

Start weight 87 kilos

Vegan Keto Beginning Week 1

I have to say first up that I am a transitioning vegan, but I am excited to be on my vegan keto beginning. When I was in my teens, I became a vegetarian. Much to my father’s horror he absolutely refused to allow anyone under his roof to eat margarine. So I got used to dry bread.

When I lived in Sri Lanka for nearly 4 years, I ate only fruit for nearly 2 years. Then my husband wore me down, he kept reiterating it was unhealthy because I wasn’t getting all the vitamins and minerals I needed.

So I come from a vegetarian background, but vegan keto is another matter.

The Challenges

I love my cheese. There I’ve said it! Somehow or other vegan cheese just doesn’t cut it for me. So I may fall off the wagon from time to time, but I won’t fall off the wagon of keto. As we have said there are no half measures as far as keto is concerned. You are in a ketonic state or you are out of it.

I am very glad that Kathy has already been doing this for a fortnight as I am looking after someone who is bed bound and I don’t have the time to experiment with recipes. Fortunately, Kathy is a fantastic cook and always willing to pass her knowledge on.

I am starting without having a lot of the vegan pantry staples I haven’t got any hemp seeds and I haven’t got any low carb sugar and no cacao butter. Luckily I also have a cupboard full of a wide range of nuts and seeds. Almond butter, cashew butter, macadamia butter, Brazil butter or peanut butter, will all be on the menu.
vegan keto beginning

I have always made my own jars of nut butter so I am absolutely certain there are no added sugars. They are super easy to make. Take your favorite nut or a combination of them. Blend them for about eight minutes and then add a few teaspoons of olive oil. Job done –  simple really.

Hopes for my Vegan Keto Beginning

I know that a low carb diet works because I remember the original – the Scarsdale Diet in the sixties. It worked because it restricted calories. The basis of  The Scarsdale diet was eating 43% proteins, 22.5% fat and 34.5% carbs!

In the 21st-century we now know that’s far too much protein and not enough fat for this diet. It was revolutionary when it first came out because he was restricting carbohydrates rather than calories.

If you think I am showing my age I am- I am 62. Very healthy but fat. I was a size ten English size for many years until my husband got cancer.

He had to eat his way through chemo and I ate with him Now I am an 18 verging on a size 20. So in effect in two years I have doubled in size. Despite running up and down the stairs of a big house all day, the weight is taking its toll. I am feeling fat frumpy and unfit. However, my weight is not my main concern. Health and fitness are my main issues, and always will be. I want to grow old as fit as I possibly can be.

The fears for my vegan keto Beginning

My biggest fear is that I will have a limited amount of food because I neglected to order my pantry goods in time.The good thing though is that Kathy started about two weeks before me, So for the time being she can help me with plan B’s.

I have yet to make my own coconut flour but I have the coconut flakes. Kathy and I have the same taste and generally the same idea about food and nutrition. The only way we differ as far as I know is I will not eat coconut oil and Kathy loves it.

During my years in Sri Lanka, I ate eggs fried in coconut oil. I smelled coconut oil frying everywhere and it was not a pretty smell. I know eating eggs won’t be a problem now– But I did say I was a transitional vegan.

So I am not a fan of coconut oil and I do think there are purer oils to use. Generally, I use Olive oil which is my favorite and reflects the fact I lived in Spain for 28 years. My second favorite is cold pressed rape seed.

My objective this week is to try and experiment with foods and recipes and I want to try and lose a little weight. Let’s get on with it. First I am heading here So that I can write my recipes and check carbs before cooking.

As I embark on my vegan keto beginning, I also fear to be hungry. Kathy said she was starving in her first week as she adapted.

Looking Forward  My vegan Keto Beginnings

My new dehydrator is coming from America, and I have an amazing recipe for beetroot crackers I am dying to try. Eventually, I am going to transition to 80 percent raw food and twenty percent cooked. This I think will help me to transition to totally vegan. The taste of fresh clean unprocessed food.

I am an adventurous cook who has lived on four continents as a chef. Although I love food it is only a love for good food. Fortunately eating processed food is my idea of hell so I don’t envision a problem there. I can count on my fingers the times I have cooked with process food in my life.   LOL I have to be one of only half a dozen people in the world who has never been in a Macdonald’s.

I cook everything from scratch every day. If I am really pushed for time I put a large casserole in the oven and serve it with crusty homemade soda bread. Now a no no. I am not going to waste energy on the things I can’t eat I am going to go forward and see what I can enjoy and put my stamp on it.


Week 1 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 19.4g 89%
Tuesday 15.5g 93%
Wednesday 22.3g 33%
Thursday 13.4g 44%
Friday 22g 30%
Saturday 13.7g 71%
Sunday 1.7g 44%
Total 108g Total 404g
Average 15.4g Average 57.71

Vegan Keto Journey Catherine Week 2 Full of Energy

Vegan keto journey Start date 21st August

Week 2

Weight 84 Kilos 2

Weight Loss 3kg.

The Wins From The Last Week

The second week has left me full of energy. I feel very lively. Full of energy. Spent the weekend in another frenzied bout of re-oiling the wood in the kitchen. Also enjoying the 3 kilo weight loss in the week.

Again I have not been hungry which is a delightful surprise. Hunger has not been an issue at all so far. I know that can change as we go further down the road.

The Challenges in the Coming Week

Being vegan is the intention, not perfection. If you’ve slipped up a couple of times, or accidentally eaten something before realizing it had milk in it (we’ve all been there right?!), don’t beat yourself up. You’ve still been vegan.That’s been my thought for the week where a few omelets have got in the way, but as you can see below I have still kept in ketosis.

My biggest challenge in this week was staying vegan. The reason for that was I spent most of the week in a hospice and whilst the food was good it was meant for carnivores. So I didn’t eat meat but eggs and cheese got in the way. As I said in week 1 I am still a struggling vegan, but it will get sorted.

In the next three weeks, my dehydrator will have arrived and I think going raw will help.

The Hopes

I can improve my diet this week. Taking more veggies into my diet, it didn’t happen though. I will have to try harder next week, as constipation is a problem.Looking forward to getting a dehydrator back in my kitchen.

Also, I hope I will have more time at home and therefore more time to plan meals. As well as having the time to execute those meals. It’s one thing to ask the lovely Kathyy for inspiration, Which she always unfailingly gives. It’s quite another to get the time to plan it and cook it.

The Fears

This seems just too easy this vegan ketones business. I’m not hungry I don’t feel deprived and bouncing with energy, what’s not to like.

Week 2 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 3.7g 96%
Tuesday 1.4g 85%
Wednesday 3.8g 83%
Thursday 8.9g 112%
Friday 4.1g 76%
Saturday 11.7g 48%
Sunday 5.5g 70%
Total 39.1 Total 570g
Average 5.6g Average 81.4

Full of Energy

Hoping this goes forward to next week