A Vegan Keto Journey 6 (Kathy’s)

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So, a vegan keto journey 6 (Kathy’s) weeks in and how do I feel?

The image below speaks louder than words!

It really has been a pretty amazing journey so far with highs and lows. The lows certainly less frequent and mostly condensed into the first few days.

A Vegan Keto Journey 6 (Kathy's)


I’m constantly trying new recipes and one of my new discoveries has been “Follow Your Heart” products. They do a vegan egg which actually scrambles!

I’ve also used it in the pancake recipe. It makes the mixture thicker so more water is needed. This is a good thing, you get more pancakes with less carbs.

I’ve still to try the vegan egg in a cake, I’ll post the recipe when I have.

At first appearances, the “Follow Your Heart” vegan eggs appears to be expensive (I paid £6.50). However, it yields around 12 portions and 1 portion makes a good serving of vegan scrambled egg, more like the equivalent of 2 eggs. So at little over 50p per serving, that’s ok for a meal.

Next is the Vegenaise Chipotle, this is SOOO good, a perfect accompaniment to the seed burgers and bread rolls.

Follow Your Heart has been around since 1970 (why have I only just heard of them?) and do a range of products, most of which can fit into a low carbohydrate diet. You can read their ethical story here.

Getting Fitter

This week, most days, I’ve done a fair amount of walking. I find the more I do, the more I want to do. I have to fit this in with my online business so have decided to walk through the day and work later. Winter is coming (yes, I’m a Game Of Thrones fan) and it’s getting darker earlier, so this fits perfectly.

Gardening, I did a pile of weeding and tidying yesterday, putting the garden to bed for the winter. Today, I’m not sore, not one little bit. No back of the leg aches, shoulder pain, nothing.

So I’ve found another benefit of this Vegan Keto diet. Because your energy levels rise, you naturally do more exercise which leads to better levels of fitness. This has all happened naturally with no “I’ve got to exercise, I’ve got to get fitter” dialogue going on in my head.

Why now?

I’ve been asking why I didn’t hear about this years ago. I use the Internet prolifically, work online and am constantly reading research about good health.

I guess the old saying, “when the student is ready” holds true here.

“Self-help” work, is something I’ve always strived to do. Clearing blockages, trying to find out where asthma and other ailments were coming from etc. Something must have “clicked” in my subconscious which bought the low carbohydrate diet into my conscious focus.

Well, whatever happened, it all works and fits so well into my lifestyle and way of thinking!

I have some new recipes to add and more experimentation to do for my next journal….


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