A Vegan Keto Journey 7 (Kathy’s)

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Vegan keto journey part 7So, we’re onto my vegan keto journey part 7, it seems longer!

Interestingly enough, I’ve settled into this lifestyle really well. Eating out hasn’t arisen yet, I’m guessing that will be a challenge!

I doubt very much whether the will be anything vegan keto on the menu, certainly not in the area I live in. It was hard enough just being vegan! I’m guessing it will be salad leaves, no dressing and if I’m lucky, a few nuts…

So, how is my health progressing?

On an upward trend, definitely. The weight loss has slowed down, but, I’m still getting thinner and my clothes looser.

Don’t rely too much on the scales go by how you look and feel.

My sense of smell continues to improve and I can do a brisk march to the top of the hill without needing an inhaler.

I feel as if I’m eating plenty, yet my calories and carbs stay low. Usually under 20 carbs a day and always under 30.

Making sure I get the correct nutrition to keep my energy levels up and body functioning well has taken a bit of adjustment. Mostly in the protein micronutrients.

I use Pulsin Pea protein to address this. It has no flavour so I pop it in soups and stews. I’m not a fan of shakes and smoothies but many people on a vegan ketogenic diet use the pea protein this way.

Mushrooms Vitamin B12I’ve always been aware of the Vitamin B12 issue for vegans and make sure I either take a good quality supplement or eat mushrooms and seaweed (Nori in particular).

This is a great article about Vitamin B12 for vegans 

Being busy with work I haven’t made any new recipes, however, I will be starting my holiday season menu next week. I love a good nut roast with gravy, I reckon that will be pretty easy.

I haven’t done much with desserts not having a sweet tooth but, I do want to have a full 3-course meal plan laid out with snacks! Any ideas welcome…

As I continue on this journey,

it is becoming apparent that it just suits me. It’s definitely not for everyone but, don’t give up after just a few weeks, that’s too short a time to see any significant changes.

How has your journey been? It’s always useful to read about other people’s journeys, pick hint and tips.

Leave your comments below!

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