Vegan Keto Journey Week 6 Catherine

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Vegan keto Journey.

Start date 18th September
Week 6
Start Weight 78  Kilos
Weight Loss 1 kilo

The Wins From The Last Week

I can’t believe I am six weeks into my vegan ketone journey. There is a weight loss again which is good, even though it’s only a kilo. As a matter of fact, I was a bit worried how things would go last week away from home. During the last few weeks I have felt a bit flat, but feel full of energy again I am putting it down to the increase in nuts and seeds. Also, I think these things stopped the constipation too.

vegan keto journey

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 6

The biggest challenge this week is going to be my wedding anniversary on the 19th. In fact, when it came to it I drank a bottle of wine. I wouldn’t have done that had I known how many carbs and a bottle of red wine! I am going to chalk it up to experience I enjoyed it and I’m not planning on drinking again anytime soon.However, it does mean I am going to be spending the rest of the week on catch up!

I am sure many of you have been where I was! The drinking made me starving and I ate and ate. In fact ate so much I’m not even sure what I ate. However, I am very sure that what ate was low-carb so I’m going to estimate my Carbs for the day.I’m going to put 40 it could be higher it could be lower. I guess we will find out next week when I look at the weight loss.It’s all part of my vegan keto journey.Strangely enough, I never thought of the fat bombs in the fridge.

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week 6.

I hope to be able to catch up and reduce my carbs later in the week, as a result of my drinking spree.However, if I don’t, nobody died.

I finally got my dehydrator from the USA. However, in my rush to buy it, I forgot to take into account the different voltage. So I can’t use it until I get a transformer.

The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week 6

I may not catch up to reduce my carbs and if I don’t then I won’t lose weight. I can’t check whether I am still in the ketogenic state, But if not it won’t take long to get back into it.

My New Best Friend This Week

My dehydrator. I am so happy. I can make crackers which is a wonderful comfort food especially as winter is coming on. Snacking on nuts and seeds has been good this week but not too many. Brazil nuts particularly have been a godsend as have walnuts.I enjoy nuts and seeds but the problem is They can slide down too easily.In fact, my vegan keto journey is only getting more exciting.


Week 6 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 19.1g 283%
Tuesday 40.4g 306%
Wednesday 12.3g 102%
Thursday 11.7g 250%
Friday 16.9g 122%
Saturday 11.5g 207%
Sunday 14.2g 143%
Total 126.1g Total 1413%
Average 18g Average 201%

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