A Vegan Keto Journey 3 (Kathy’s)

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So here we are into week 3, how do I feel? Well, lighter that’s for sure!

I definitely have more energy and don’t feel hungry during the day after breakfast, sometimes I forget to eat.

Pea ProteinIt’s important to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need so have to make sure I at least have a green smoothie. I bought some Pea Protein which is low carb but ups all those amino acid building blocks (protein).

I’m working on creating more vegan keto recipes which I’ll gradually add to the recipe section. This takes a long time! Measuring the ingredients, writing everything down, taking pictures, then adding to the blog.

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Keto Vegan Burgers

Keto Vegan BurgersSo you made your bread rolls and fancy a burger/rissole type food to put in it. These Keto vegan burgers are perfect for the job!

Very simple to make and packed full of goodness, PLUS a low carb burger, what’s not to like.

Use for packed lunches!

One of the problems I get asked frequently is what can I have for a packed lunch. These are great because they are just as tasty cold. You can make a big batch and freeze. either raw or cooked, either way works.

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