A Vegan Keto Journey 2 (Kathy’s)

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Psyllium Husk is my new best friend! It’s a great filler upper and can be used in all sorts of bread and pancake recipes.

YES, you can have bread and pancake on a Vegan Keto Diet!

Ok, the texture isn’t the same as “normal bread and pancakes, but, hey, we’re moving out of our comfort zone here.

I made a fabulous Parathea using just Psyllium husk broccoli and bit of Violife cream cheese. You can use any low carb vegan cheese that’s available in your area. (http://maria.recipes/broccoliParatha)

I did cauliflower rice and a quick curry sauce (recipe to come)` along with Parathas, it filled me up for the night. I have to confess, I had 2 Parathas so that upped the carb count a bit.

I was still well below my target of 50 for the day though so that’s ok!

Hemp Tofu (low carb)

Keto Hemp tofu OMG, I’ve discovered a recipe for hemp tofu! I rarely take soya as it messes too much with hormone activity, (Why you should avoid soy) so, to discover this, well.

I immediately purchased a tofu press. Once I’ve got the process right and made a successful block, I’ll share the recipe and results.

This was my first attempt. I used full hemp seed instead of husks so it was a bit gritty. It tasted good though and the tofu press is fabulous. I would say must have gadget for vegan keto!

My energy levels are rising. I’ve only needed my inhaler twice in the last week and my trousers continue to get looser.

My body seems to be getting pretty well adjusted, I’m not as hungry, despite eating a fraction of what I used to.

I don’t need to finish everything on my plate (effects of a strict father who dished up the same meal throughout the day until it was completely eaten).

I might succumb and buy some of those glucose strip things, my daughter suggested it would useful to know if I’m actually in Ketosis. I’ll let you know…..

Today I’m going to try a bread….

The bread was ok, seedy and flat so very different from normal bread. I’m going to look for a different recipe.

So, day 11, I’m pleased to say my mouth is very dry and after breakfast, I didn’t get hungry again until around 7 PM. I haven’t done any measurements, but this is a good sign my body has gone into Ketosis. 🙂

Day 12 – Still the same, no hunger, this is friggin amazing, despite eating “caramel fudge” fat bombs (Recipe to come) my trousers are getting looser by the day!

Keto vegan burger in a bunI found a recipe for a keto bun and made up a seeded burger,  (recipe to come) burger in a bun. YESSSS! With a side of green salad leaves, olives and pickle, this was GOOD

End of the week and I’ve been managing to keep my carbs below 30 but need to make sure I’m getting all the macro nutrients.

I’ll have a look at pea proteins, that seems to be the best vegan low carb solution instead of soy. I’ll also have a look at hemp protein, but I think the carbs would be too high. I let you know….


I’ve started using a useful app called Cronometer. You set up your profile, feed your foods in, it spits out all the data, total fat, carbs protein ect, very useful tool. There is a free version which is fine for me at the moment.  You can check it out here.Cronometer


So am very happy with my seconds weeks progress. Catherine and I both said from the start that we would have a no nonsense approach however, it is important to make sure you get the all the nutrients.

And the journey continues….

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