Vegan Keto Journey Week 7 Catherine

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Vegan keto Journey.

Start date 25th September
Week 7
Start Weight 78  Kilos
Weight Loss NIL


The Wins From The Last Week Vegan Keto Journey Week 6.

The first thing to be grateful for is the fact I didn’t put on weight. Granted I didn’t lose any either, but considering the wedding anniversary blowout, all things considered, I am very lucky. The really weird thing is although I haven’t lost weight, my shape has changed.

The Challenges of Vegan Keto Week 7

I am still trying to get my fat content down. It seems high. Another challenge this week is that I am off again for four days to Glastonbury. However, Glastonbury is the type of place where you can expect loads of vegan food.

The Hopes For Vegan Keto Week 7.

I hope to not fall off the wagon this week either the vegan wagon or the low carbohydrate. I started the week less starving than last week. In fact quite full, this diet seems to have two stages very full for the majority of the time and occasionally hungry. At least it’s not the other way around.

The Fears Of Vegan Keto Week 7

I hope to be able to stay low carb.and won’t be tempted. We have to have lunch out and everyone else will be having cakes and my guess is Glastonbury will have fabulous cake and pastry shops.

My New Best Friend This Week

Vegan restaurants in Glastonbury. Great choices of restaurants. Mostly vegetarian which meant that they could offer vegan food. The Ashram I was staying had great breakfasts. Seeds and nuts fruits and yogurts. Okay, we couldn’t have yogurt but I did have 1 tablespoon of fruit salad every morning. Normally I can’t have fruit because it’s so high in carbs but they had huge bowlfuls.

Week 6 Results
Day Net Carbs Fat Percentage
Monday 11.4g 172%
Tuesday 8.7g 75%
Wednesday 11.9g 303%
Thursday 14.9g 250%
Friday 7.7g 68%
Saturday 11.5g 207%
Sunday 11.5g 50%
Total 77.6g Total 1125%
Average 11g Average 160%

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